How do I add images & sounds to flashcards?




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    Hi guys, will you support the SVG format soon? 😊

    As PNG and JPG images are very blurry/pixelated, they are not pleasant to use (and it is even worse when there is text inside the image).

    I tried various techniques to get around the problem, but nothing worked.

    In addition, Brainscape automatically resizes images that are larger than 300px x 300px, which adds to the deterioration of the image quality. 

    With SVG, we wouldn't have this problem as there would be only one scalable file, which also means you wouldn't need to store 2 formats for each image (small image and zoomed image), saving you a lot of space on your Amazon S3 storage space. 😊


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    Craig Allen

    There are an [attach sound] links at the bottom of each of the editor windows in advanced editing mode. I've tried uploading MP3s, and a [Play sound] sound icon appears next to the upload icon, but there is no way I can see to make the sound actually play. What am I missing.

    I'm using a Macbook to do my editing.
    I converted sound files are MP3s sliced up and converted from WAV using WavePad. They play on my desktop no problem.

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