Why can't I hear sound on my flashcard?




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    Alexandra Rawson

    Hello, I just wanted to comment on this. I'm creating decks for my students to study and I've tested the sound on various apps..
    It works fine studying on the Brainscape website (using Safari on an iPad). The sounds don't play automatically but if you click the play button they play fine).

    The sound works best using the Brainscape android app on my phone, as the sound plays automatically when a new card comes up. I feel this is the best user experience as students don't even have to click the play button. It's not a big deal having to click it though, but studying just flows better when the sound just plays automatically.

    On the iOS app on my iPad the same sound files that work as described previously don't play at all. Even with full volume and keyboard clicks on.. it's not that the sound is quiet or anything, it literally does not play.
    However if I plug in headphones and press the play button, the sound plays fine.

    As I'm creating classes for learning English, (specifically listening practice) and hope to be able to sell access to these classes, I need the audio to work 100% of the time on all apps and devices, so I'm a bit nervous now that the audio might not work for students. I'm going to have to tell students who have iOS devices that they will have to use headphones whilst studying.. This is semi acceptable I suppose, but if someone just doesn't read that part about needing headphones or forgets it, they're going to find a lot of my cards useless without the sound, so i hope I can make it clear enough. I'm thinking of typing "you may need to use headphones" or something at the top of any cards with sounds, but I feel that might just look a bit unprofessional/messy.

    I don't want the user experience to be affected and get complaints from students, so it would be much better if the sound worked on all devices and platforms with or without headphones.

    Anyway I know this is something that has been looked into but as the post is 6 months old and with the sound being pretty crucial to me I wanted to see if there was any update on this. Other than that I think Brainscape is excellent overall and I'm hoping it will really help my students to improve!


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    Courtney Hall

    Hey Alex, 

    Thank you so much for choosing Brainscape! So sorry for any inconvenience this causes for you and your students. I've alerted our engineers and hopefully they'll be able to release some fixes in an update that will resolve this for you on iOS. You can also have your students use Brainscape.com from their iOS device if the audio works there, in the meantime. Again, my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we continue to improve Brainscape.


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