How do I add more cards to a deck that is already been made and has cards inside of it already?



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    I might be too late to help you, but I have found a way to do this.  I am assuming you have created the deck and you probably imported it.  (Otherwise, I think it's pretty straightforward to add cards if the deck is yours and you do it manually, but I always import.)  Import the new cards as a new, separate deck, and then, in Edit mode on the Edit Cards tab, select the cards you want to append to the other deck.  Use the bulk actions to copy the cards.  Go into the deck you want to append to and then repeat the process, but this time choose Paste in the bulk actions. 

    Two things to note:  1. I haven't found a way to select them other than one-at-a-time, which is a pain.  Please comment if anyone knows how to select multiple more easily.   2.  Bulk actions aren't easy to find because you have to actually select something before it becomes visible.  

    I would very much like an import/append feature.  It would be so much easier!  If you are taking a class and getting the flashcard information class-by-class, it would be helpful to start studying the first week and be able to add to the deck as the class goes along rather than make tiny decks or wait to study when the deck is complete (because we're supposed to be encouraging spaced repetition rather than cramming at the end, right?)  

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    Danny Su

    Thank you so much for the help!!

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    Charlie Austin

    another way I find easier is to have 2 tabs open to copy paste. what i do is i open 1 tab for the deck that i want to copy, while another another tab where i want to paste. 

    about #1, not sure if i understood your question but there is the option to select all (or select one card at a time).

    I do hope the bulk actions stay visible at all times without the need to select a card.



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