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    Elliott Kable

    Hey Sabina. Here's what they have on their help article:

    1. Go to the deck that includes the cards you’d like to copy, and make sure you are in the Edit Cards tab
    2. On the left panel, click the radio button next to any of the cards that you are copying
    3. You’ll see a ‘Bulk Actions’ drop down appear
    4. Using the drop down you can choose to copy one or more cards
    5. The cards are then saved to the clipboard and you can select whichever deck (in any class) that you’d like to paste the cards into
    6. Click on the left panel and the ‘Bulk Actions’ drop down menu will appear, and you can choose whatever action you’d like (e.g. Paste)
    7. The Cards should have moved to their correct new Decks and you can arrange or further edit

    Just note, you will only see the Bulk Actions dropdown if you select the radio button that says "CARDS" (for all cards) or next to any of the card that you are copying individually. 

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    Sabina Miller

    Thank you Elliot! I appreciate it.

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