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    Chuckee A.

    Thanks for your feedback, Alexandra. We appreciate it.

    You should be able to see and use the editing advanced card option as seen below. But to be sure, someone from our support team will reach out to you for further assistance:

    As for bringing you back to the old editor, this is no longer an option as we've upgraded all Brainscape users to the latest version of the editor. Below are 2 of our most recent articles that may help ease your concerns. 

    Brainscape's New Editor FAQs

    Brainscape Flashcard FormattingTips



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    Corey Burns

    Brainscape is the only company that I've seen downgrade commonly used features, the exact features that make a person choose them over other flash card sights, and calls it an upgrade.

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    Chuckee@Brainscape, you did not answer my question.  I did not ask "how do I get to the advanced editor?".  I asked "why did you remove existing functionality from the advanced editor".

    I agree Corey Burns, I was told by someone else who reached out to me, that having the users teach themselves HTML will give them a more flexible and easy to use editor.  Essentially, instead of clicking on a button to make subscript/supscript, you have to wrap your own html tags around it, and they believe that makes a much simple, user friendly interface.  Blew my mind.  So now users of Brainscape have to teach themselves HTML in order to use their app.  And yes, he sure did call it an upgrade.  

    That's ok.  I went back to Anki.  I stopped creating new flash cards.  My only regret is that I paid for lifetime access for something I will not use again.  Lesson learned.  Do monthly subscriptions, just in case down the road, they make upgrades that no longer work for you.

    I wasn't going to bother to respond, but I figured might as well provide an update.

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    This new "upgrade" has only led to it taking me twice as long to create worse looking flashcards.

    It definitely does not guarantee my flashcards will look beautiful"

    I also had to REMAKE entire classes of flashcards, mid-semester no less, because I could no longer edit them on my phone.

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